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To integrate Goiabada with your app, you'll need to explore your platform for an OAuth2/OpenID Connect client library. Many platforms provide such libraries for integration.


The github repository of Goiabada has a browser-based javascript test client that you can use to test Goiabada. It uses the oauth4webapi library.

dotnet C# example

We also have a sample integration using dotnet C#.


The components of the solution are:

  • A frontend web app application (ASP.NET razor pages) that requires the users to be authenticated in order to access an area of the site.
  • A backend web api application (ASP.NET web api) responsible for serving weather forecasts. This API requires the permission weather-forecast:read.

The example uses OpenID Connect (authorization code flow with PKCE) to authenticate users on the frontend. Additionally, the client credentials flow is employed for the frontend server to obtain an access token for accessing the backend server.

Additionally, it implements secure logout (with encryption of the id token), and automatic refresh of the access tokens.

Please clone the repo to have access to the code. It is located here -

To run the example locally you need:

  1. An instance of Goiabada running. The example is configured to use https://localhost:8080 as Goiabada's base URL, but you can change this in appsettings.json if you want.
  2. A client created in Goiabada called dotnet6-integration-frontend, with both Authorization code with PKCE and Client credentials flows enabled.
  3. You must also register these two redirect URIs within the dotnet6-integration-frontend client: https://localhost:7096/signin-oidc and https://localhost:7096/LogoutFrontend.
  4. In Goiabada, you need a resource with identifier weather-forecast. In this resource, you need a permission with identifier read.
  5. You must assign the permission weather-forecast:read to client dotnet6-integration-frontend.
  6. You must copy the client secret of dotnet6-integration-frontend to the configuration file Goiabada.TestIntegration.Frontend/appsettings.json (OpenIDConnect:ClientSecret and WeatherForecastService:ClientSecret)

Finally, please make sure Goiabada is running, start up Goiabada.TestIntegration.Backend application (web api) and start up Goiabada.TestIntegration.Frontend application (razor pages). Then visit https://localhost:7096 in your browser.